Sunday, December 14, 2014

On Boredom(ish) And Humility

I've been running out of steam a little bit on tutorials. It's been more difficult to get myself to stayed focused and make a lot of progress lately, despite the fact that the tutorials I've been doing are really very good. I first went through a jumpstart labs tutorial, making a blogging application in Rails, implementing a number of different features including secure log in, tagging, comments, and image upload. It was pretty awesome. Then I've moved on to the Michael Hartl Intro to Rails tutorial, which is essentially making a version of Twitter. Both are really great tutorials - detailed, and with very clear instructions that work (the latter of which is not always the case).

The problem is that there isn't a lot of active problem solving - it's following someone else's problem solving. And if one of the major reasons I like coding is the problem solving...well, that makes for waning steam. I really want to learn the stuff in the rest of the tutorial, though, so I'm thinking I need to disengage from the tutorial for a minute. Instead, I think starting a new project using what I've learned so far is going to work better. Moving forward from there, working a chapter in the tutorial and then implementing it (or something related) in my project - so, moving both things forward in near-tandem - might be the best way to do it. I'm going to see how that works, with an eye toward restructuring curriculum going forward. The next project on the books is a list-making app, so I'll just start there.

As to the humility piece, I just tried the first exercise on a site called Rosalind, which presents a series of molecular biology-themed coding exercises. In the interest of keeping the ruby skills fresh, it's been my intention to work problems like this or on Project Euler (math-themed exercises). I have not, however, been keeping my ruby skills fresh, so today when I went to solve this first problem - y'know, the "easiest" problem - I choked. I choked! Turns out, yeah, I should be practicing.

It's never been quite so clear to me that I'm totally experimenting on myself.

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