Sunday, November 16, 2014

Curriculum Notes to Self: 5

I had a hard time finding assignment parameters of the right scope for the text adventure game. This was, perhaps, more difficult for me than it ought to be, since I actually had no idea what a text adventure game even is. So, I was both trying to find a description of the concept in the first place, as well as a description of the assignment with specific and level-appropriate guidelines - and was not having the best of luck. I felt a little bit like Goldilocks:

I looked at slides from a short community course*, and it was tooooo general.

I looked at the assignment handout from a Java course at Stanford, and it was tooooo hard.

And so on. I've been looking through Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper to clear up areas where I'm fuzzy on concepts from the Chris Pine. In the chapter on Classes, Objects, and Modules, I found the assignment description that's juuuuuuuuuust right.

So, note to self: p. 149 from Beginning Ruby is what I would work from, had I not already written the text adventure.

*That is, a community course that was short in duration, not a course for the short community.

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